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If you want to open a bar, pub, sports center, grocery store, or any other place where alcohol is served to the general public, you’ll need an alcohol license. Not just everyone can hand out beer and there are a lot of restrictions you have to follow to get one for your place of business. Depending on the state, the laws for liquor can be different, but generally, they follow two rules.

First, they limit the number of drinks a person can have, and second, they require that all unfinished bottles be left inside the restaurant to limit the number of public intoxication lawsuits. The Alcohol Beverage Control (or ABC) is different for every single state, and you’ll need to read up on it to ensure that your business meets the standards.

Then there are two different types of licenses, an on-site license that allows for people to consume the beverages on site, and an off license which forbids it. Once you have that, you’ll need to apply for one of the three different types of licenses. A Tavern license, which allows you to sell hard alcohol, a beer, and wine license that lets you serve non hard alcohol, and a restaurant license.

alcohol license Dallas TX

The restaurant allows all types of alcohol to be sold, but limits the percentage of your earning that can be made from selling the drinks. Once you have all the knowledge on what licenses you need, then you need to fill out the appropriate forms and give your background information for your alcohol license Dallas TX.

Wait for it to be approved, and then you are ready to start serving liquor in accordance with the license, and as long as you follow federal laws with regards to selling alcohol, then you are good to go!