Common Physical Therapy Misconceptions

A physical therapist is a movement expert. This person usually works within the healthcare industry and cares for patients who’ve been injured or otherwise lost mobility or function of various areas of the body. Through the services provided by a therapist, the patient can live the same fulfilling life they did pre-accident. Some people use physical therapy to prevent injury, such as athletes. Even still, many misconceptions concerning physical therapy valrico fl exist. Take a look at some of the most common myths below and remember, you cannot believe everything that you hear!

Myth 1: A Doctor Referral is Needed to Visit a Physical Therapist

Although some patients do find themselves at the physical therapy office after a referral from their primary care doctor, there is no requirement that you must go to the doctor first. No referral is needed to make the visit, as some people mistakenly believe.

Myth 2: Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work

Thousands of patients benefit from physical therapy every single year and you can be one of the next if you give it a try. Some people think that it does not work but it is those who’ve never tried it who make these claims.

Myth 3: Physical Therapy Hurts

Sometimes physical therapy is uncomfortable to the patient but pain is not something that you should anticipate. That is expected since you are recovering from an injury. But, it is usually not painful. Once the first few sessions pass, the discomfort should also be gone.

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Myth 4: Any Doctor Can Provide Physical Therapy

Not every doctor is trained to provide physical therapy and not every therapist is a doctor. All do have special training and certification to provide physical therapy. But it is nothing more than a myth that any doctor or person can provide these services.