Dental Care for Kids: It’s More Important Than You Think

Regular dental care prevents tooth damage, discoloration, and decay. It’s important for everyone, especially children. At least two annual dental visits for examinations and professional cleanings keeps the teeth healthy and beautiful. Babies as young as six months old should visit the pediatric dentist. Early dental care has an impact on the future teeth health. A pediatric dentist near me south weymouth ma ensures that your child benefits from proper dental care.

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When children begin visiting the dentist when the first baby tooth erupts, the dentist can properly monitor and document the health and condition of the teeth. This usually happens at about six months old. All babies should visit the dentist by the time they reach the first birthday. The baby teeth may cause misalignment issues as they grow in, which can affect the permanent teeth if not addressed. The pediatric dentist discovers any issues with the child’s teeth/mouth/oral health before problems occur with the permanent teeth.

But make sure that dental care starts at home. Visiting the dentist twice per year as recommended by the ADA will only benefit your kids oral health if dental care is maintained at home on top of those regular dentist visits. Brush teeth twice per day and floss, too. Make sure your kids choose healthy foods, drinks, and snacks since the foods that we consume directly impact the health and condition of the teeth.

Routine dental care is important for everyone in the family, especially the kids. The baby teeth fall out eventually but they mandate the future health of the teeth. Look for a great dentist and make sure to schedule those dental appointments once every six months to ensure the best oral health for your child.