Differences Between Periodontal Procedures & Therapy

Therapy entails an elongated healing process for the human body and mind. It need not even entail any form of physical approach and can be as profound as one wise councilor, specialized or experienced, dispensing wise words of advice to help his or her patient in the healing process. This healing process could take a few days, but invariably, it should take longer, weeks, perhaps months even, depending on how seriously advanced the patient’s condition is.

One straightforward procedure or a set of medical procedures constitutes the direct approach that needs to be taken to enact the remedial process. For the patient, damage has already been done. Gums may have been bleeding persistently. Teeth may have come loose and now need to be ejected and replaced by implants, rather than straightforward dentures. Implants are a more permanent fixture for the oral and dental structure.

But for the purposes of effective cleaning and hygienic control, there will still be those patients who will be comfortable with dentures. The periodontal therapy plainview ny consultation may lean more on the healing side than anything else. Or it could be an effective form of preventive (or preventative) medicine where no drugs or direct surgical procedures are used. This should come about as a result of the patient seeing to it that he or she is keeping up to date with regularly scheduled periodontal appointments.

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During such consultations, the obligatory medical exam will have taken place. This may take no more than a few minutes, particularly if the fortunate patient’s oral and dental health is impeccable. But on the suspicion that early signs of damage or wear and tear may be prevalent it may be incumbent upon the periodontist to recommend further tests in the form of X-rays.